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If your problem doesn’t neatly align with our other services this one is for you. We can troubleshoot one problem (software or hardware) for a flat fee. This fee is waived if:

  1. the repair can be applied to another service
  2. we are unable to fix your issue

For example, if we are troubleshooting a blank display problem and you need a new screen, fees charged would be for a screen replacement only.

To make a service request, call us at (240) 319-8862.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Examples of problems we can troubleshoot are:

  • My screen is blank
  • I cannot connect to my Wi-Fi
  • No sound coming from speakers
  • My computer wont turn on
  • My computer is making beeping sounds
  • My browser won’t open

A laptop name is usually made up of three parts:

  1. a make (eg. Dell, HP),
  2. model (eg. Inspiron, Pavillion)
  3. model extension (N5010, DV5-1250US)

Therefore, a full name would be “Dell Inspiron N5010” or “ HP Pavillion DV5-1250US .

You should have no problem identifying your laptop make. However, laptop models can usually be found:

  • on the sticker on the bottom or your laptop
  • beside your touch-pad (on the palm-rest)
  • in the battery compartment
  • above your keyboard



  • Troubleshoot one problem
  • Warranty varies
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