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Laptop Fan Repair

Do you need to clean, change or fix the cooling fan of a laptop or notebook? This is the service for you.

We have a no dust bunny policy here at Majesty. We ask you kindly not to feed them. Extend the life of your computer and get it cleaned.

Let us help you remove those furry pests. Call (240) 319-8862 for all inquiries.

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If your laptop is really warm to the touch and shuts off intermittently, you may have an overheating problem. This is a protective measure so the computer doesn’t damage itself. Extend the life of your computer and get a Dust Removal.

There are many reasons for this. The vents & fans are most likely blocked with dust, or a fan has failed.

The cooling fan in your laptop keeps your processor (CPU) at optimal temperature. If your laptop fan is faulty your laptop can overheat.

Dust and computers don’t mix. Dust blocks vents, hence restricting air flow, which results in overheating. Overheating damages electronic components. We recommend using laptop cooling pads and stands. Don’t place them on a flat surface without proper ventilation, especially fabric.

  • don’t block vents
  • if applicable, add more fans to desktop computers & ensure proper air flow
  • use cooling pads or stands for laptops (also currently available in our store)
  • don’t place laptops on flat surfaces without proper ventilation (especially fabric)

*For laptops, people sometimes spray compressed air in the vents. This may help, but only moves the dust to another location instead of getting rid of it.

See blog post: Why is your computer overheating? – It’s a Little Warm in Here – Overheating

We service all major laptop brands such as Dell, Hp, Toshiba,  Asus etc.

Laptop Fan Repair

  • Complete clean
  • Brand new fan
  • Warranty included
  • All dust bunnies


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