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We are a pickup service. We will schedule a pickup to collect your computer, then drop it off when fixed. Our service area is 5 mile miles outside of Beltsville, MD. Read more on our support page.
Standard shipping is FREE to US residents and paid expedited shipping is available. We currently do not offer international shipping.
Shipping is currently limited to the United States. We currently do not offer international shipping.
All online Store purchases are secured through Paypal. For our computer repair and data recovery services, we accept cash, check and credit/debit cards.
Shipping is done via the United States Postal Service, USPS. You will receive tracking number. The ETA for your package is 1-10 business days for standard shipping and 1-3 business days for expedited. After we ship, we have no control over what happens to a package. In the event of a delay or a lost package please contact USPS.
An infected computer can respond slowly, behave erratic or have popups. If your computer is behaving out of the ordinary and has any of these symptoms, it may be infected. Regarding why you have a virus: This can happen for a variety of reasons. If an antivirus is not kept up-to-date it will not detect newer viruses. One antivirus will not protect you against every known virus. Viruses are made every day and sometimes antiviruses don’t have a chance to detect them, such a zero day virus. The best prevention against malware is you, the user. Be wary of where you connect to, and what you download/click on your computer
A laptop name is usually made up of three parts:
  1. a make (eg. Dell),
  2. model (eg. Inspiron)
  3. model extension (1520)
Therefore, a full name would be "Dell Inspiron 1520." You should have no problem identifying your laptop make. However, laptop models can usually be found:
  • on the sticker on the bottom or your laptop
  • beside your touch-pad (on the palm-rest)
  • in the battery compartment
  • above your keyboard
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