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Data Recovery

*tick* What’s *tick* that? A bomb inside your computer? Now, we are not saying there isn’t a bomb inside your computer — at-least not in the literal sense — and we will not be held accountable if there is. That ticking is most likely your hard disk drive heading to an early grave — it’s the ticking time bomb. See what we did there? Then again, you could also have a really loud watch.

Back to the hard drive talk. All your files are stored on your drive: those lovely family picture, even that lovely resumé you worked so hard on. PS: We can recover various file types including: documents, graphics, audio, video, archives (ZIP, RAR). Protect your data before it is gone, let us recover your data.

Just need your data copied to a new drive or computer? Check out our Data Transfer service.

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Tier 1

Recover data from drives that have minor logical problems.

Tier 2

Recover data from drives that have minor hardware problems.

Tier 3*

For drives with major hardware problems, that require disassembly etc. Currently unavailable.

Tier 1

  • For drives with minor software issues
  • Requesting to be formatted

Tier 2

  • For drives with minor hardware problems
  • Light mechanical issues

Tier 3*

  • Drives that require disassembly
  • Major mechanical issues

Tier 1

  • For drives with minor logical (software) problems
  • Recover data from drives that are “requesting to be formatted” or otherwise inaccessible.

Tier 2

  • For drives with minor hardware (light mechanical) problems
  • Recover data from formatted drives
  • Recover data from emptied recycle bin
  • Severe file system issues

Tier 3*

Currently unavailable

  • For drives with major hardware issues
  • For drives that do not power on, or those that require disassembly/opening.
  • For damaged drives that require advanced recovery, this will be performed at a local Data Recovery partner with a clean room



What Our Customers Have to Say

I recently had an issue with lost data on a flash drive. MCR was able to fix it and recover all the data on the drive. The service was friendly, efficient, professional, & so convenient. Pick up and drop off service. And on a Sunday in an ice storm! I would definitely use Majesty again and would recommend then to all my friends for any computer repair needs!!

Laura L.,
Facebook Review


This service applies to:

  • hard disk drives HDD (internal and external)
  • solid state drives (SSD)
  • Hybrid (SSHD)
  • USB flash drives.

* Drives that do not power up (or don’t spin continuously), cards (for example SD cards) and disc media such as DVDs, CDs, BDs do not apply at this time.

Data recovery is a long and tricky process. Each hard drive is different. Let us create a custom recovery plan to remedy your hard drive woes. Don’t lose those precious family photos! Let’s see if we can’t get those files back.

Customer provides backup storage media. Please ensure that media is large enough for data needing transfer.

* Media defines the option you want us to transfer your files to, such as discs (CD, DVD, BD), internal/external drives (HDD, SSD, flash drive) etc.

Data loss can occur for various reasons such as:

  • Hardware and software problems
  • Sudden power loss
  • Corrupt sectors
  • Missing files or folders
  1. Consult – Consult us for a data recovery solution. Options: Data Transfer, Tier 1, 2, 3..
  2. Receive – Hand us your defective drive & a working drive (or other media if applicable) to transfer data to.
  3. Recover – We will attempt to recover data from your broken drive.
  4. Deliver – We return your defective drive & working drive with recovered data.

Your data will not be edited; we will not overwrite any data on your drive. No copy of your data will be kept unless requested. Read more in our Privacy Policy & Terms and Condition.

We can recover various file types including: documents, graphics, audio, video, archives (zip, rar) etc.

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